Reviewing procedure

Basic procedures of publication review in Mining Science

1. At least two independent reviewers coming from scientific institution other than the one affiliated by the author of the publication are appointed to review the work.

2. The author(s) of the paper and the reviewers do not know each other (double-blind review process); in other cases the reviewers will sign a declaration of non-existence of conflict of interest. For the purpose of this procedure, conflict of interest shall mean occurrence of direct personal relationship between the reviewer and the author (particularly, kinship to the 2nd tier, marriage, etc.), supervisor-subordinate relationship or direct scientific cooperation within last two years preceding the review preparation.

3. The magazine has implemented the procedure to guarantee that the scientific works are original (so called "ghostwriting barrier" – the author(s) sign the declaration of copyrights to the submitted paper and that the paper has not been published elsewhere so far).
By implementation of the ghostwriting procedure the Editor takes particular care of honesty in science. We require the authors of the publications present results of their work in a fair and honest manner irrespective whether they are its direct authors or have benefited from assistance of specialized party (natural or legal person). A proof of ethic behaviour of scientist and of keeping the highest editor's standards should be unrestricted access to the information about the parties, which contributed to creation of the publication (in a substantial, material and/or financial aspect), which is the expression of good habits and social responsibility.
For this purpose, the Editor requires the authors of publications to disclose the contribution of each author to create the publication and information of publication's financing sources.

4. A written review comprises explicit conclusion of the reviewer regarding the conditions of acceptance of the paper to publish or of its rejection.

5. Criteria used to accept or to reject the publication and the review form are displayed on the website of the magazine or provided in each issue of scientific magazine.

6. The names of the reviewers of the publications or issues of the scientific magazine are not disclosed.

7. The list of the reviewers cooperating with the magazine is available to the public on the website.
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