Savings potential of energy resources due to an increase in the energy efficiency - based on the example of thermorenovation in residential buildings
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Instytut Górnictwa Politechniki Wrocławskiej
Mining Science 2012;135(42):195–205
Efficient use of primary energy is the other aspect of the efficient extraction of energy resources. This topic is the main theme of the latest EU directive on energy efficiency – EED (Energy Efficiency Plan). It results in specific tasks provided for the Member States; the assessment of its implementation in Poland, similar to earlier directives, is low. It is possible to achieve excellent results in terms of reducing the energy consumption without the support of the state – such as described in the article; it concerns the improvement (more than twice) of energy efficiency in about 100 buildings inhabited by about 35 thousand people. This very positive example, does not change the urgency of the firm and "serious" political approach targeting primary energy savings.
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