Blasting Control and Monitoring System for Safety Improvement during Blasting Operation. A Case Study in Guilaizhuang Gold Mine
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University of Science & Technology Beijing
Corresponding author
Yang Cao   

University of Science & Technology Beijing, No. 30, Xueyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China, 100083 Beijing, China
Mining Science 2018;25:47-62
The design of a blasting monitoring and control system and its practical application in a blind gallery named Dongguabang in Guilaizhuang gold mine in China was presented in the paper. Based on reason analysis of blasting accidents occurring in metal mines, a blasting accident model is established in order to explain the process of the accident and its direct reasons. Also, effective approaches for preventing blasting accidents and avoiding casualties are achieved by controlling unsafe behaviors of workers and elimination of the critical “touch”. Combined with analysis of safety ergonomics of blasting devices, all these make a joint contribution to providing theoretical instruction and references to establishment and design of blocking functions of blasting monitoring system. A set of blasting monitoring and control system is implemented, and equipped with blocking functions when unsafe behaviors and conditions appear. Tests of the monitoring system are carried out in the Donguabang heading of Guilaizhuang gold mine. It is documented that the blocking functions and the central computer platform run well during the tests. Test results reveal that blasting monitoring and control system and its functions are able to ensure safety and fulfill work requirements in Guilaizhuang gold mine.
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