Geomechanics of interference between the operation modes of mine working support elements at their loading
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National Mining University, Underground Mining Department, Ukraine, Dnipro
Donbas Fuel Energy Company, Kyiv, Ukraine
Corresponding author
Vadym Sotskov   

National Mining University
Mining Science 2018;25:219-235
The problem has been studied of reducing the materials consumption of a combined support in extraction mine workings and increasing their stability in a zone of stope works influence when reused mining of flat-lying coal seams at adjacent mining site. The mechanism has been developed of rock pressure manifestation in the vicinity of mine working and the loading of its support elements on the basis of the following key positions: the formation of zones of unloading and increased rock pressure around the mine working; the formation of areas of weakened and broken rocks, their interaction with support and holistic rock massif; development of stratification along the planes of weakening by thickness of a lithological variety and along the planes of bedding the adjacent lithotypes; partitioning of rock layer into blocks by fractures, by perpendicular planes of weakening and bedding planes, and other factors. The specific tasks have been solved by the finite element method according to the four-parameter spatial optimization scheme of the support interaction with a rock massif. The patterns have been determined of connection between the rational operation modes of mine working support elements and basic geomechanical factors, affecting significantly on the loading of these elements, as well as their interaction with different deformation and force characteristics.
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