Institutional environmental protection and exploitation of rock deposits with open cast method

Wroclaw University of Technology (WUT), Poland
Mining Science 2015;22:85–100
This article presents an analysis of the legal requirements related to environmental protection and the management of a deposit, paying special attention to the impact of the management of the deposit from the time of discovery, documentation and making the deposits available for exploitation until reclamation and use of deposit after dismantling of the mining plant on the institutional forms of environmental protection such as forms of protection of landscape and nature, forms of protection of groundwater, forms of protection of soil and the forms of forest protection. Accepted forms of division of environmental protection results from assessment of documented and undeveloped deposits of rock materials in task 7: Protection of rock deposits - criteria of their rational management, conditions and opportunities of implementation of the project Strategies and technological scenarios ... , using the method of assessment of Nieć and Radwanek-Bąk (2011).
Justyna Maria Górniak-Zimroz   
Wroclaw University of Technology (WUT), ul. Na Grobli 15, 50-421 Wroclaw, Poland
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