Investigation on rock cutting characteristics of spherical-tooth hob
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Hunan Normal University
Corresponding author
Yashi Liao   

Hunan Normal University
Mining Science 2022;29:121-144
To study the rock cutting characteristics of spherical-tooth hob, the rock cutting process induced by the spherical-tooth hob is analyzed based on the finite element simulation and the rock cutting experiments. Then the rock breaking states, rock cutting forces and rock cutting efficiency caused by the spherical-tooth hob under different penetrations are obtained. The results show that a cutting groove and a series of pits in the cutting groove will be produced when the penetration exceeds 9 mm. At such penetration, the spherical teeth and the cutter ring can cooperate to cut rock. The cutting forces curves show obvious fluctuation and the peak values of cutting forces correspond to the moment when a spherical tooth intrudes into the rock sample totally. The cutting forces increase with the growth of the penetration and the increase speed turns fast when the penetration exceeds 9 mm. With the increase of penetration, the specific energy consumption of the spherical-tooth hob first decreases and then increases. It exists an optimal penetration of 12 mm to achieve the highest rock cutting efficiency.
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