ICV 2015

Performance study of low environmental impact mortars based on mineral additions and cement resistant to sulfate (CRS)

Larbi Belagraa 1, 2  ,  
1 Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Technonoly, Med Boudiaf University of M'sila,M'sila (28 000), Algeria
2 Laboratory of Materials and Electronic Systems (LMSE), Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Bordj Bou Arréridj, El-Annasser (34030), Algeria.
Mining Science 2016;23():65–76
The use of cement resistance to sulphate in aggressive environments showed a lot of benefits such us good mechanical development and therefore better durability; however, the consumption for great amount of clinker lead to random hazardous deposits, shortage of natural resources, gas and dust emissions mainly (CO2) causing negative impact on the environment. Recently, technical, economic and environmental benefits by the use of blended cements have been reported and being considered as a research area of great interest in cement production industry. The present research aim is to evaluate the effect of partial replacements of cement resistant to sulfate (CRS) by a pozzolanic addition, on the physical-chemical properties, as an alternative novel composition binder. Furthermore, the behaviour of the mortars based on this new combined blends was investigated in the study program, including chemical composition, density and fineness, consistency, setting time, swelling, shrinkage, absorption and mechanical behaviour. The results obtained showed that the substitution of pozzolan at the optimal ratio of 5% had a positive effect on the resulting cement properties, namely: greater specific surface area, reduced water demand, accelerated process of hydration, better mechanical behaviour and decreased water absorption. Therefore, economic and ecological cement based on mineral addition like pozzolan could be possible as well as advantageous to the formulation of environmental performance mortars.
Larbi Belagraa   
Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Technonoly, Med Boudiaf University of M'sila,M'sila (28 000), Algeria, Department of Civil Engineering, Facullty of Technology, M'sila Univarsity, Algeria, 28.000 M'sila, Algeria
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