Petrographic Characteristics And Geochimstry In The Part Of Gjilani Region-Kosova
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University of Mitrovica "Isa Boletini"
Corresponding author
Festim Kutllovci   

University of Mitrovica "Isa Boletini"
Mining Science 2021;28:217-232
In this scientific paper was done the identification detailed for rocks found on the researched region. it was done the identification detailed for rocks found in the researched region. The region research it's done scale by 1:25000 for comparison map of geology scale by 1:200000 and paper will be treated the mineralogical content, petrography microscope preparation, and geochemistry. For the region of Gjilan, the analysis was performed: for large elements, for small elements and traces, and for rare soils. The processing of the analysis of large elements, traces, and sub-traces was performed in the geochemical-petrological software MINPET. Constructed diagrams show that we are dealing with rocks generated in differentiated geodynamic environments. Most of the rocks analyzed fall in the field of basic and acid rocks, and only a small part of them belong to the medium and ultrabasic rocks. Acid rocks are represented mainly by their Metamorphism types - gneiss and less of those ages with them younger - granite. They generally show geochemical features of volcanic type than orogenic in acid magmatism The purpose of the paper it the proposal of the paper is the identification rocks in the exploration zone for the preparation petrographic of microscope and processing of the analysis of large elements, traces, and sub-traces was performed in the geochemical-petrological software MINPET
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