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Petrographic Characteristics of the North-Western Part of Kosovo

University of Mitrovica "Isa Boletini"
Mining Science 2018;25:63–70
Abstract: In the north – western part of Kosovo, the next lito stratigraphic units were separated: Palaeozoic (gneiss, , mica schists, leucogneiss, amphibolite, quartzite), Jurassic (Serpentinised hazburgit, Schist serpentines with granitic intrusion, Basalts with dacite dykes, Dacite ,Metamorphic sole (amphibolites), Supra ophiolite sedimentary mélange), Cretaceous (Valanginian basal conglomerates, Valanginian – Hauterivian silty – sandstone turbidity’s , Barremian – Aptian basal conglomerates, Barremian – Aptian silty - marl turbidity’s , Albian – Senomanian sandy – phillitic turbidites, Santonian sedimentary ophiolitic melange ) Quaternary ( alluvium, proluvium, slope wash, lower river terrace, higher river terrace, lacustrine, gravel and sand). The samples were taken from those rocks for chemical, geo-chemical and for the preparation of petrographic microscope properties. The analyses were completed at the certified laboratory of Geology-Mining Faculty (Polytechnic University of Tirana) - Geosciences Institute.
Festim Kutllovci   
University of Mitrovica \"Isa Boletini\", Parku Industrial 40000, Mitrovice, 40000 Mitrovice, Albania
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