ICV 2015

The effectiveness of earth structures reinforcement on mining areas: numerical analysis.

Wroclaw University of Science and Technology
Mining Science 2016;23():203–214
In the paper multivariate soil structure enhance with the use of geosynthetics is presented. Numerical calculations were performed in order to determine the effectiveness of applied reinforcement. Finite element method (FEM) in ZSoil program was utilized to solve number of boundary problems. An influence of chosen technologies on the construction of a road embankment, subjected to the effect of mining works, was analyzed. Applied loads correspond to the II category of the mining area. Mainly, they reflect the spread of ground surface. In order to determine the effect of geosynthetics, numerical calculations of displacement and strain were performed and their results were compared. A sequence of the reinforcement cases which were compared with the referential model (embankment without reinforcement) were considered. For the special measure of the effectiveness of the reinforcement, a form and size of deformations of the road surface were analyzed. Obtained results show, that applying the appropriately designed geosynthetics considerably influences the load/ bearing capacity and the stability of earth structures being located in a zone of mining influences. In addition, an influence of the FEM mesh density on the slope stability of the embankment was considered. An appraisal of the slope stability was investigated using the method of the soil shear strength reduction (SSR).
Michał Patryk Pachnicz   
Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Przedborowa, 100a/2, 57-200 Przedborowa, Poland
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