Use of slope failures inventory and climatic data for landslide susceptibility, vulnerability, and risk mapping in souk Ahras region
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Department of Geology, Water and environment laboratory, Tebessa University, Algeria.
Department of Earth Sciences, IAST, Setif 1 University, Algeria.
Corresponding author
Riheb HADJI   

Setif 1 University, 1Department of Earth Sciences, Institute of Architecture and Earth Sciences, Setif 1 University, 190, 19000 Setif, Algeria
Mining Science 2017;24:237-235
Slope failures (SF) in mountainous terrain often occur during or after heavy rainstorms, resulting in the loss of life and damage to the natural and/or built environment. Assessing areas susceptible to SF is essential for land use planning in threatened areas. This article presents an didactic based-analysis of the potential contribution to geo-spatial approaches for predicting SF qualitative exposure in mountainous environment. Its main aim is to assess the impact of the geologic, geomorphic, rainstorms, and anthropogenic factors in the initiation of SF in Zaarouria region. 219 events (1996-2016) were inventoried through images interpretation and field surveys and were compared to the physical parameters of the terrain to give a SF susceptibility index value using a simplified model. Vulnerability and risk maps are also established. The Standard deviation classification was used to delineate various susceptibility, vulnerability and risk zones, namely, nil, low, moderate and high. Field data on SF were employed to evaluate and validate the susceptibility zonation map. The results of this study demonstrate that SF are largely governed not only by geoenvironmental conditions but also by human activities, mainly roads and construction.
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