Effect of some mineral supplements on rheological properties of cement slurries

Paweł Szaj 1  
Instytut Techniki Budowlanej
Mining Science 2012;134(Special Issue 41):285–294
The study presents the research of rheological properties of slurries made from different types of cement and cement with mineral additives: lime, basalt, chalcedonic and magnetite powder. Mineral additives are an essential ingredient of concrete mixes made in technology, self compacting concrete (SCC). Lime powder is successfully used in this technology and in this work is a reference material. Test results show that the rheological properties of slurries with the addition of powdered basalt and magnetite are not different from those of slurries of lime powder, and in some cases exhibit a higher viscosity and lower yield point. Only tested with the chalcedonic powder characterized by low viscosity of the plastic, which is associated with the grinding material.
Paweł Szaj   
Instytut Techniki Budowlanej, 00-611 Warszawa, ul. Filtrowa 1
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