Impact of privatization on the development of levels of safety and health and the quality culture in the rock mining industry on the basis of the results of surveys of producers of aggregates
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Politechnika Wrocławska, Instytut Górnictwa
Corresponding author
Zbigniew Nędza
Politechnika Wrocławska, Instytut Górnictwa, 50-051 Wrocław, pl. Teatralny 2
Mining Science 2010;130(Special Issue 37):211-221
The report presents the results of surveys concerning the evaluation of rock mining companies involvement in the formation of health & safety culture and quality level. This research was oriented to identify trends and differences in the assessment of specific issues areas of health & safety and quality level of the division of certain proprietary group, which dominated the open-pit rock mining industry during nearly 20-year of privatization activities. This report also attempts to answer the new values outside the area of finance and modern technology, developed and brought to the Polish rock mining and whether effects were dependent on the direction of privatization of their respective companies.
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