Yucheng Ji 1,  
Yinghua ZHANG 1,  
Zhian HUANG 1  ,  
Zhenlu SHAO 2,  
University of Science and Technology Beijing
China University of Mining and Technology
Mining Science 2020;27:73–87
Support stability is critical to ensure fully-mechanized top coal caving of large dip angle coal seam. To obtain the relations between each factor and hydraulic support stability, the mechanic model of large dip angle coal seam along face dip and strike was built to analyze support stability, including anti-toppling, anti-slip, and anti-rotation of supports. The result indicates: Along the face dip, the support stability was negatively correlated with dip angle; Higher top caving means lower anti-rotation at support tail; With initial support force and working resistance of supports enhanced, the anti-slip, and anti-rotation stability of supports can be risen significantly. Along the strike, the critical toppling angle was proportional to dip angle, mining height, support weight, support width and support force; The critical slip angle was positive correlation with support force, friction coefficient of roof and supports. According to the results of both mechanical analysis and engineering projects, support stability in large dip angle can be risen efficiently and supports slipping, toppling and rotation can be avoided by selecting proper technical methods and equipment, like enhancing initial support force appropriately.
Zhian HUANG   
University of Science and Technology Beijing
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