Influence of adhesion on stress-strain condition alongside of a full column resin cartridge rock bolt
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AGH University of Science and Technology
Donetsk National Technical University
Corresponding author
Kateryna Sheptak   

AGH University of Science and Technology
Mining Science 2021;28:233-245
The article highlights the research pertaining to the problem of reinforcement of underground excavations with bolting system, using chemical method based on resin cartridges, which currently is a global trend in mines. Theoretical model of rock bolt installed in a rockmass was discussed and described with proper formulas for explanation the role of single discontinuity and its mechanism affecting stress-strain characteristics of the reinforcement system, based on an adhesive method. The presented model has been verified with results of numerical modelling of stress-strain and deformation composition of the "rock bolt/resin cartridge/rock block" system, depending on the bond coefficient of the mixture which fixes the rock bolt. The analysis of the modelling results showed that for the stress-strain conditions of the rock bolt, too high a bond between the bolt and the rock is dangerous (critical), as it leads to high local tensile and deformation stresses.
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