Vibration spectra characteristic frequencies for condition monitoring of mining machinery compound and complex gearboxes
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Politechnika Wrocławska, Wydział Geoinżynierii Górnictwa i Geologii, Instytut Górnictwa, Vibration and Diagnostic Scientific Laboratory
Corresponding author
Walter Bartelmus
Politechnika Wrocławska, Wydział Geoinżynierii Górnictwa i Geologii, Instytut Górnictwa, Vibration and Diagnostic Scientific Laboratory, pl. Teatralny 2, 50-051 Wrocław
Mining Science 2011;133(40):17-34
The paper gives general procedures for development characteristics frequencies in a simple and elaborate gearbox systems. The gearboxes systems may consists of compound and complex gearboxes. The gearbox classification for compound and complex gearboxes is presented. The complex systems consists of planetary gearboxes. Three different planetary gearboxes are considered. These three types of planetary gearboxes are used in driving systems for mining machinery like bucket wheel excavators, shearers. The introduction to frequency characteristic development is presented. The characteristic frequencies are: sequence of recurrent excitations for short recurrent frequencies, meshing frequencies, shaft frequencies, local fault frequencies.
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