Auxiliary intelligent operating system for dragline stripping equipment in surface mining
China University of Mining Technology (Beijing)
North China Institute of Science and Technology
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Jian-Dong Sun   

China University of Mining Technology (Beijing), China University of Mining (Beijing) Comprehensive Building 219, No 11, College Road, Haidian Distr, 100083 Beijing, China
Mining Science 2017;24:251-266
In order to improve operation skill of the operators, the design of the auxiliary intelligent operating system of the dragline was studied. Whereby the gyroscopes incorporated in smartphone and data sequence filter algorithm, the automatic collection function of operation cycle, the rotation angle and other parameters of the dragline are attained. In line with the relations among the rotation angle of equipment operation, time-spent and the acceleration, the ratio of the acceleration and deceleration rotation angle in full load rotation and non-loaded return stage are acquired respectively. The function of bucket in rotation was realized. Comprehensive score calculation standard of the technique level of the dragline-based operation was developed, and the function of automatic checking the operation level was effectuated. Field experiment results indicated that the operators' faults are markedly reduced as the auxiliary intelligent operating system is employed. By using the system the operation behavior of low power slow rotation in rain, snow, low atmospheric pressure and other severe weather conditions can be reduced, assuring all-weather efficient and safe operation of dragline.
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