GIS-based method for wind farm location multi-criteria analysis

Jan Blachowski 2  ,  
University of Wroclaw, Institute of Geography and Regional Development
Wroclaw University of Technology, Institute of Mining Engineering
POLTEGOR – INSTITUTE, Institute of Open Cast Mining
Mining Science 2014;21:65–81
The paper presents a GIS-based method for selecting an optimum location of wind farm on the case study of the Prusice commune in Lower Silesia (SW Poland). The adopted multi-criteria approach utilises the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and Weighted Linear Combination (WLC) methods to determine weights of sitting criteria (factors and constraints), and to develop a composite suitability map from single-factor maps representing these criteria. The adopted sitting criteria have been identified based on literature review, and include: technical, spatial, social and environmental aspects of wind farm development, and also address specific geographical constrains of this part of Poland. The most suitable and suitable areas have been presented on a wind farm suitability map for the commune. The area size of the largest suitable spots (14) varies from 10 to 64 ha. The proposed method and the results of this work can be used to support sustainable spatial policy and spatial development on all levels of public administration related to renewable resources use.
Jan Blachowski   
Wroclaw University of Technology, Institute of Mining Engineering, Wyb. Wyspiańskiego 27, 50-370 Wrocław
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