An innovative person detection system based on thermal imaging cameras dedicate for underground belt conveyors

Fabian Uth 1,  
Bartosz Polnik 2  ,  
Ralph Baltes 1,  
Institute for Advanced Mining Technologies (AMT), RWTH Aachen University,
KOMAG Institute of Mining Technology, Division of Drives and Control Systems, Gliwice, Poland
Mining Science 2019;26:263–276
Within the INESI-project (Increasing Efficiency and Safety Improvement in Underground Mining Transportation Routes) long-wavelength infrared (LWIR) cameras are used for detecting persons on underground belt conveyors or within hazardous areas e.g. in front of crusher or skip vessels by the project partners KOMAG and the Institute for Advanced Mining Technologies (AMT). The test case for evaluating the performance of thermal imaging regarding these applications is the Polish Sobieski underground coal mine operated by Tauron mining company. By the development of thermal image processing algorithms, an automated detection of persons and classification of different objects was achieved. This may allow implementing smart services for person detection on underground belt conveyors as well as material characterization between coal, rock and disturbing objects on belt conveyors.
Bartosz Polnik   
KOMAG Institute of Mining Technology, Division of Drives and Control Systems, Pszczyńska 37, 44-101 Gliwice, Poland
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