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Impact of air pollution with dust in the Ouenza iron mine - NE Algeria

Gadri Larbi 2  ,  
Rais Khaled 1,  
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Technology, University August 20, 1955, Skikda, Algeria
Université Larbi - Tebessi, Tebessa, Algérie, Faculté de la Technologie, Département de Génie minier
EA4229-Research laboratory pluridisciplinaire of mechanical and energie systems, Universite of Orleans France.
Mining Science 2018;25:33–45
-- Dust generation and its dispersion has been the major concern in ambient air quality inmines. This paper focuses on generation and dispersion of particles during mining operations.Atmospheric pollution in mines areas of Ouenza has become a serious problem.The goal of this study is thereforeto review the air pollutants of the approach bydiscussing studies applying mass conservation model methods.To support these theoretical calculations, field measurements will be performed to determine the air quality in the region concerned and to develop a program to prevent excessive air pollution that threatens human health and the environment. For the treatment of the results, we used regression analysis, assuming that the relationship between the pollutant concentration Ci and weight of various Pi sampling stations in the mine of Ouenza is a straight line following a linear tendency. Validation of the results fromthis study for urban air pollution would be highly beneficial.
Gadri Larbi   
Université Larbi - Tebessi, Tebessa, Algérie, Faculté de la Technologie, Département de Génie minier, brahimi city tebessa 12002 Algeria, 12002 tebessa, Algeria
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